Social Responsibility

·        Take over the holding company and its subsidiaries great attention to the work environment and the environment surrounding the belief that the environment clean yield economic and social workers and the surrounding environment. The assessment of public and private sector companies is no longer dependent on their profitability. They are no longer dependent on building their reputation on their financial centers. Modern concepts have emerged to help create a working environment capable of dealing with the rapid economic, technological and administrative developments around the world. These concepts are the concept of corporate social responsibility.

·        The success of companies in their role in social responsibility depends mainly on their commitment to three criteria:

*    Respect and responsibility in the sense of respect for the company's internal environment (workers) and the external environment (community members).

*    Community support and support .

*    Protection of the environment both in terms of the obligations of product consensus provided by society to the community with the environment or in terms of initiative to provide what serves the environment and improve the environmental conditions in the community and address the various environmental problems.